Monday, September 14, 2009

No Exam No Cry

The Central Board's decision to scrap the std. Xth exams is indeed a 'lauda'ble decision. The jargon of normative and formative evaluation of the students' capacity of knowledge acts as a good guise of doing away with the most effecient way to assess a student's progress.

But why is that only std X students have been bestowed with this heavenly grace? Even graduate students(engineers especially) are beside themselves with grief at the prospect getting even an ATKT forget YD. It would be gross injustice to them if only CBSE exams are tossed aside.
Imagine how stressful entrance exams are.Even they should be suitably changed to accept the 'expertly' analysed and very 'conclusive' normative and formative scores of the interested applicants.

Think of the those who layed down their everything for that extra mark in Fill in The blanks and Match the pairs and in the process got labelled themselves as 'cheats'. How would the board answer them?
also the bond that gets formed over a tiny little whisper in exams between students battling a common enemy blossoms more often than not into a 'freindship for life'..We are snatching this invaluable opportunity from the 'li'l' ones to socialise!!!!!

A powerful antidote to the exam fever must say. But a more serious disease that plagues the student communityas a whole and needs immediate attention is the deadly endemic 'out-of-syllabus syndrome'. The accepted norm at having failed is, everything that was asked was not something beyond by 'expert' knowledge but rather beyond the scope of what I was expected to know.This, unfortunately is not bought when you finally reach through the 'grind' and 'toil' of the exams and collecting innumerable marks on the way to an activity that can win you your daily bread.

This is setting a good precedent though. If something causes stress and strain try looking the other way. When u cant,just do away with it.Nothing is so important that it can't be done away with. And if they are exams,the "normative and formative" evaluation is always there. And ofcourse not everyone agrees to such radical a change and so....
make them optional..
Such a novel way to change..


  1. Socialising is apparently what everyone would miss the most :P

    :D Cheers

  2. I wish they had the same system for engineering exams 3 years back :)