Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maila sur

26th January 1950 as is widely all known marked the birth if the Republic of india. It was this day that the constitution of India, the highest document that dictates the law of our country, was adopted.

This is not about the Constitution nor is it about how blatantly it is abused even today. It happens to be the day when the magic of 'Mile sur mera tumhara' was tried to be recreated. 15th August 1988 was the day when a song was introduced to the Indian people that caught the attention across the country. The sheer passion and spirit of integration that the song was invoked, brought the whole nation together in unbridled awe of a great compilation. Nearly 24 years later the song upholds its admiration with the people of this country.

Come 26th Jan 2010, when the Republic Of India crossed the 60-year mark, hell broke loose when today's 'Artists' felt they would do better justice to the song. They were ready with a similar composition on identical lines trying to better its preceder. 'Phir Mile Sur' is a brave effort. The mere thought of gigantic task had the nation looking at askance for what was on offer. But alas! It did not sound more melodious than a hundred farting asses move donkeys braying and even more bellies burping.

The holy gospel of history cannot be recreated did not quite reach the producers of this wayward act. The participants of this sham are blessed and have brought laurels and recognition to the nation but why waste it on something that has etched in public memory as rightly said not less than an anthem.

Singling out individual performances of this rot would mean the others have done commendable job. Amitabh Bachchan's voice when limited to "hi this is Radio Mirchi... keep listening to it." sounds good not for something as gloriously significant as this song. Most found it to be just the right platform to introduce their young ones to the world gifting them a slice of history, which alas does not seem possible.

The pounding continues of 15 long minutes with all possible music genres. A bit of hip-hop here, a rap there and one mix for dandiya nights too. And the sporting heroes get a fleeting glimpse while the likes of Shankar Mahadevan and Sonu Nigam who rarely get to face the camera trade their acting skills for what seems like hours.

The song is worth watching only for Anouskha Shankar and she can play with the sitar too :) About the rest, the less said the better. 'Phir Mile Sur' almost makes one wish if this is what the fate of the original would be 22 years later, it better not have been made.

P.S Thanks Tushar for helping me out.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


For all those who thought HD Deve Gowda is a dour and rather boring statesman considering what he has done when he was the Prime Minister of India, he showcased his resplendent side when asked for insights on what he was protesting against, a week ago.

Reporter: Good morning sir
HD: Yeddyurappa is a #$%%^$#

Reporter: Sir, what are you here for?
HD: Yeddyurappa $%#$%%*@

Reporter: What a pleasant morning sir!
HD: $%#$%%*@ Yeddyurappa

The colourful ex-PM could hardly keep his emotions in check that fateful day. The farmers whom he was protesting with against farm land being acquired for industry and infrastructure purposes., must have been pleasantly surprised with his command over the language. His son, another ex (CM) quickly got into damage-control mode and came up with the freshest alibi "he was misquoted". And so the reporters went back to quote him correctly.
So many 'Exs' in the family is sure to drive the 'head' crazy.

Reporter: Sir do you think you were misquoted?
HD: Yeddyurappa $%#$%%*@

Reporter: This was how it was quoted.
HD: you are a $%#$%%*@
.....and it continues.

The apologies later notwithstanding, the expressions itself are sure to make a lasting impression about the ex-PM. It remains to be seen now how Mr. HD is able to redeem himself from washing his linen in full view of the public.
Tongue- lashing is acceptable so long as one can come up with "I was misquoted. I am extremely sorry if my words have hurt anybody's sentiments. It was unintentional". HD's dreadful outburst is probably a result of the rug slipping much before its due date when he was the PM(not even a year). The poor man deserves empathy if anything for only he knows what has resided inside him for the last 13 years. The world got a glimpse of the larva moulded in Kannada that fateful day.

Shashi Tharoor has set a precedent for everyone vulnerable to such public mockery. 'I never said it, I am being quoted out of context, how can the press be so irresponsible?and the best is 'It as an attempt to vilify me by my detractors' one more suited to HD than Tharoor.
HD TV is full of life if one has the appetite for the right humour because Deve Gowda is just as exciting even when he is asleep(during swearing in, that is).

HD's dimwittedness is actually a ray of hope for everyone who thinks showing one's prowess in 'creating' profanities is a sheer waste of time. Who knows the next PM could well be the one whose battering abusals at you right now for being rubbed the wrong way.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Fourth Estate

A joint statement on terrorism by the Prime Minister invites as much flak as admiration of an initiative of a peace process by the Times of India. In both cases the other contributor being the 'bitter' enemy Pakistan. It took all of investigative journalism to 'unearth' the mystery of the Shopian murders in Kashmir. Though both cases seem different in context, each reflects the growing influence of media,both print and visual. One in prodding the government machinery into swift action and the other to lead public opinion.

Media today has emerged into a more proactive role. It does not limit itself to mere reporting of facts and statements. Today, it has taken upon itself the mantle of the political watchdog and claims itself to be the voice of the unheard.
Gone are the days when the old lady on DD said anything barely understood unless listened with intent and an even older gentleman giving the weather report. It is time now for the glamorous newsreader, read anchor, freshly out of a journalism school who can make anyone say what she wants them to , to creates some excitement in the dour lives of the viewers and what the 'experts' have to say on such a matter.
Gone are the days when the newspapers stated nothing except what the Prime Minister said about the reply of the Finance Minister to an issue raised by the MP of Tinsukhia for procuring more guns to counter who knows whom. It is more 'saucy' now with the likes of Shobha De and her columns on how to lead life. Entertaining news is the new order. Else who would be interested in what Shah Rukh Khan has named his dog or how many the Tiger managed
to tame in bed.

The unofficial fourth arm of the government is seldom subject to criticism, much less to ridicule to the content of 'news' that is on air and in print. It has come to be the omnipotent power that can raise to celestial heights or grind to dust careers. SPS Rathore can ill afford a smile even in the comfort of his home let alone in front of the camera. Such has been the impact of the 'media trail'. It remains unchallenged in its reach and ability to mould public opinion. This might invariably lead to the proverbial ‘fabrication’ of news.

The media stands unbridled in its unity. A slip reprimanding the press for an invasion more than necessary is bound to invoke the ire of the entire media community. The protest condemning such 'inhuman' act makes one seek a dip in Ganga to wash him of this sacrilege.
Vidhu Vinod Chopra would second that. Careers built over years and decades of sweat, blood and tears fall off from the people’s grace were it for the whims and caprices of the media. The likes of Tiger Woods would vouch for it.

Our Prime Minister was at the receiving end of all public rebuke when he embarked on a joint statement condemning terrorism with his Pakistani counterpart (Sharm-el-Sheikh) . This , at a time when the wounds of 26/11 were still fresh in the minds of the public. And he 'deservedly' got a rap for exhibiting such 'bravado'. But when the print media initiates a regional peace initiative through cultural, art and philosophical exchange programs it draws applause from all corners.

The free hand of the media needs a rein of control, not an official one for, to impinge upon the 'freedom' of press would to be nothing short of blasphemy and it also goes against our principles and not to mention the hue and cry it is bound to raise and the call of the loom of another emergency. The control needs to be more from the very people who 'consume'
what it churns out. This kind of press can then rightfully stake its claim to the mantle it prides in, else it would be reduced to another source of entertainment dished out to people the way they want it than moulding opinions towrds the better.