Friday, July 31, 2009

lavatory and the cemetry....

To come to think of it both places arent too different...both demand the same from u.... :)
and when the time has come ,even GOD cant stop you
even a meal in a posh 5 star restaurant cant assure you against a vile morsel landing up the wrong place and wretching havoc inside your stomachto let it go free.....
nor can any gym help you build a body that can take in a kasab's bullet on your bare chest and let you live to tell the tale or mother earth having a bad day and deciding to have a tsunami or an earthquake for fun......
The point is to live a life to the full.Afterall its the only life we've been 'gifted' why waste time in the fight against obesity and sacrifice all the pleasures of lifefor a measly six-pack...??? unless of course if you are paid to do a 'dard-e-disco'
Have fun and live as long as you want until the time to finally bid adieu to this earthy world and have more fun with the GODs above hasnt yet come... :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kiss, Jungle se.....

The birds and animals in the jungles of Malaysia have suddenly gone affray for the past 3 days.....
The presence of a homosapien sapien erectus called NEGAR KHAN is finally felt in their home land....
Tortured to extinction with the company of the likes of Palak and Aman Verma for a long long time the animals are finally breathing a sigh of relief and a fervour of excitement runs across with every animal dancing in erotic rhythn to "chalti jawani meri....."
The orangutan has already asked her nubile kids not to venture around alone if a film is being shot with Aman Verma as the lead, the jungle has already its fair share of mixed breeds they keep saying
Some of them are even tuned into their 'jungle tv' to catch the missed glimpses of bountyful of the pavitra 'bahus'of prime time telivision and what some of the lead singers have to offer and Negar has only 'laced' up the show bathing by the stream in her cute little bikini..
And also, they are enlightened to a completely new dialect of hindi..The beauty while conversing with a co-participant ,"may aapko trast karta!!!"...."May saab kaam karta,muji kaam do!!!"
some hindi....
For everyone who thought this is a gimmick taking place in some secluded studios in Mumbai this is straight out of a distraught chimp's mouth in Malayasia who is sore at yudisthir getting the nod above him to host the show..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life beyond google and wikipedia

We live in an era where Google has become synonymous to search and wiki to a storehouse of informatical knowledge
The two powerhouses have come to virtualli cast a web world wide that has everyone looking for information here only.
A virtual monopoly may and to an extent even has led information there, to be the final word on any subject..
But the spate of events taking place today might lead us to conclude that whatever the majority thinks to be right is right irrespective of its authencity.
The question of credibility of information does arise here...Instances of misinformation might be few and far between but considering the number of people 'hooked on' to them to satisfy their urge for knowledge and information,its too mammoth a number not to take notice of...
Afterall it does help to exercise some caution before accepting a final word on any matter and verifying it from others sources doesnt take too much either..
but...This is easier said than done...
Fast food joints have become famous today because of their immaculate ability to provide food of acceptale quality, neat to the palate and available in double quick time....
Is it a reflection the of the form in which we want what we want in any walk of life????
and anyone who does that is a clear winner...

P.S This topic, I was asked to write on was by an incorrigbly fractious young man named Tushar Dalvi :) and I am sure I havent done full justice to what he had intended.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oti bhokti n chororo lakshano

India, a land of religion, where faith is believed to heal every ailment, be it the stressful demands of a hectic life or even dreaded diseases like aids(i know of atleast one BABAji who claims to cure it through YOGA) is a goldmine for aspiring spiritual gurus or babajis as they are fondly called.
Need a shoulder to cry on? or a middleman to GOD??A holy man in saffron overalls and spritual music is listening and is ready to offer help...Old bhajans are a passe rock hymns are the order of the day....This comes at a price though...How can you even expect somenone to help you reach GOD do it for free???Isnt roaming around in private choppers closer to heaven than the earth mere mortals are on???That does make them closer to the GODs than us..
SWAMIjis who trots around the town in a saffron dhoti by the day are known to create quite a stir by the unearthly hour..They ask their discilpes to forfeit eathly pleasures in the pursuit of seeking an eternal salvation....Isnt it an irony that some of their elite kind are often seen in high end luxury cars?
Isnt it high time people started realising that no good except an irreparable loss of faith in humankind is the only outcome of such frivolous 'devotion' to people who are no different than you and me only that they are capable of conning a few men with their garb and actions that are exactly opposite to what they preach...

The title's an old odiya sayin brought to my knowledge by a very learned scholar and 'casobaba' who goes by the name Abhijeet Mohapatra.

Monday, July 27, 2009

No Prolame!!

They say when you are neck deep in shit, the best you could do for yourself is to shut your mouth to save at least your taste buds of some grave embarresment.....but there's one mantra that could make all your worries go away as if they never existed at all and help you float your way across that messy quagmire..
Whenever life's demanding too much from you,whenever your troubles seem to get too big for you,try saying "No Prolame" to yourself and'll be surprised with the kind of soothing effect it has on you, the world,the trees, the plants and of course the people around...
To add more tooth to this magic spell, try sayin "No prohlame!!!"The alphabets cant do full justice to the magic of pronounciation but time and practise will only sharpen this potent arsenal to keep all evils at bay.
Try saying this with a release of the sound of soul through the heavenly opening that only gives you early morning pleasure of relief and PRESTO!!!! .....this cry in the wilderness is will be heard in the heavenly infinity and all your prayers will be answered THAT VERY MOMENT!!!!!!
A tried and tested formula and you'll be ignoring this sound advive out of ignorance to your peril....


Never an inopportune time to start a task afresh or a fresh task... :)
Blogging, a completely new canvas to paint ideas, a platform to write your mind and a nightmare to anyone who is not too used to writing...
Hope I finally write something worth a dekko....
Till then scope to write shit exits as long there's the will to say "Balls to acceptance" :-O
Bye for now.

The first day

This is my first blog :)