Monday, October 26, 2009

The People's Mandate

Kya hoega is counrty ka???
Not seldom has the above been heard when confronted with the supposed inefficiency and inactivity of the government in how we would like to be governed.

George Bernard Shaw famously quoted "Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve". The strength of this mighty arsenal with the people was only at 50% of its potency in the recent polls in Maharashtra. This though seems a conservative figure considering only 50% of the 'enlisted' voters came out to exercise their right. The list of those above 18 and not even enlisted would drop these figures to abysmal depths.

Democracy is the rule of the majority but when the majority is happy taking a 'casual leave'to accomodate an extended long weekend to spend with their 'near and dear' instead of utlising it for the purpose they have been granted a day off for cuts a sorry tale for a country which boasts of the largest democracy. Infact the majority would rather sit at home and enjoy a crack at the government's expense.

To come to think of it, those in power have the approval of not more than 30% of 50% of us and the rest have to submit themselves to the whims and caprices of this incumbent.
The one who bestows power is equally to blame as the one who weilds it for misuse. 'Power corrupts' is probably the oldest of cliches and so there is an added responsiblity on us to decide who weilds it for us.

Now is not the time to decide what kind of government is best for us, this aspect must have been given a considerable amount of thought before it was concluded to be the best for a diverse country as ours, nor is it the time to crib,cringe and croon about 'pathetic' state of affairs in the country. Its rather time we participate actively in the act of governance. Its time we forgo our passivity with an involvment. Democracy itself implies participation of the citizenry in the running of the country. Its far more easier to lament the 'corrupt' politician for taking our beloved country to the dogs.

Farces like candle light vigils as forms of protest when something goes awry become the order of the day to display our solidarity against the incompetent 'politicos'. 'The spirit' they say, can never be dampened by a few corrupt men. This time can rather be saved by choosing the right men to power.

Its never too late to change when the change is for a better beginning. We ourselves are to blame for the abject reality that faces us, for the poverty that engulfs us,for the potholes that have gained permanace, and everything else that is conviniently blamed on the government.
The will of the people rules our country. If that happens to be insipid and apathetic, we dont have to look any further to blame.

Its high time we realise what power democracy confers upon its citizens through the right to adult franchise else it remains to be seen Kya hoega is country ka???

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mere paas Mao hai..

Farhan Akhtar now has a brilliant dialogue for Arjun Ramphal to say to Shah Rukh Khan that could become next big movie-quote when he decides to make Deewar-The wall begins. And the movie could also feature an item number by Li chan and Jackie Chan as 'Daawar' saab.

The dragon has woken up to realise that land not politically theirs is actually their own after 60 years of being governed by India.How does it matter if China recognises Arunachal Pradesh as a part of India? Doesnt matter even if half the Indian population does not know where it lies but nobody bothered to ask our defense minister whether he considered Beijing to be a part of China. With the Chinese claim to Indian territory fast gaining momentum, it wont be surprising if they do stake claim to even Mumbai with an argument that it actually was a part of an erstwhile China of chu dynasty. It remains to be seen what the MNS and Raj Thackectary would have to say when Mumbai gets 'enroached' upon by non-north and non-Indian people. The chinese could probably identify the chinese-stall worker next to Gateway of India to be a descendant of king FuQu of Xiang dynasty...So much for seeking pleasure in chicken lollipop. The defense ministry has its work cut out with a majority of Indians not willing to let go their favourite cuisine even after Mao himself having acknowledged that eating 'chinese' in India would leave Chinese nothing short of a mild heart attack and a severe anal haemorrhage.

Unlike in 1962 when we were caught napping and after having rudely woken up after the loss of thousands of sq kilometers of land that didn't erode our hospitality with us coming up with something as ridiculous as "hindi chini bhai bhai" we are in hiberation now and suddenly coming to terms of the magnitude of their claim in a globalised era..

Its bizzarze to claim a piece of land as your own just because the majority of population there bears a similarity of looks as that of your own. Considering that to be a valid point to stake claim on territories, with the numbers that we 'export', India can virtually call the whole world its own.

One thing is for certain though, with the kind of hostile environment that we reside in, with all neighbours garnering strength to eat into our territory, there is little scope for respite in the region. In a time when the whole of Europe is joining hands to be one, south-east Asia is lost in its own petty embroil for land while keeping at bay the larger picture of regional prosperity which is hard to come by without tranquility. China has to let better sense prevail else it would surely end up to be a 'BRIC' fight.