Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mere paas Mao hai..

Farhan Akhtar now has a brilliant dialogue for Arjun Ramphal to say to Shah Rukh Khan that could become next big movie-quote when he decides to make Deewar-The wall begins. And the movie could also feature an item number by Li chan and Jackie Chan as 'Daawar' saab.

The dragon has woken up to realise that land not politically theirs is actually their own after 60 years of being governed by India.How does it matter if China recognises Arunachal Pradesh as a part of India? Doesnt matter even if half the Indian population does not know where it lies but nobody bothered to ask our defense minister whether he considered Beijing to be a part of China. With the Chinese claim to Indian territory fast gaining momentum, it wont be surprising if they do stake claim to even Mumbai with an argument that it actually was a part of an erstwhile China of chu dynasty. It remains to be seen what the MNS and Raj Thackectary would have to say when Mumbai gets 'enroached' upon by non-north and non-Indian people. The chinese could probably identify the chinese-stall worker next to Gateway of India to be a descendant of king FuQu of Xiang dynasty...So much for seeking pleasure in chicken lollipop. The defense ministry has its work cut out with a majority of Indians not willing to let go their favourite cuisine even after Mao himself having acknowledged that eating 'chinese' in India would leave Chinese nothing short of a mild heart attack and a severe anal haemorrhage.

Unlike in 1962 when we were caught napping and after having rudely woken up after the loss of thousands of sq kilometers of land that didn't erode our hospitality with us coming up with something as ridiculous as "hindi chini bhai bhai" we are in hiberation now and suddenly coming to terms of the magnitude of their claim in a globalised era..

Its bizzarze to claim a piece of land as your own just because the majority of population there bears a similarity of looks as that of your own. Considering that to be a valid point to stake claim on territories, with the numbers that we 'export', India can virtually call the whole world its own.

One thing is for certain though, with the kind of hostile environment that we reside in, with all neighbours garnering strength to eat into our territory, there is little scope for respite in the region. In a time when the whole of Europe is joining hands to be one, south-east Asia is lost in its own petty embroil for land while keeping at bay the larger picture of regional prosperity which is hard to come by without tranquility. China has to let better sense prevail else it would surely end up to be a 'BRIC' fight.


  1. wow shashank! that was scathing. and funny too.
    mere paas mao hai :P brilliant.

  2. Hey the first bit of the post is hilarious.. :) And yeah it is indeed time India took note of the constant threat from its troublesome neighbours and woke up to the existing reality.. Else that day is not far when India will be engaged at more than one war front at a time..

  3. Good one!!! Chinese are one of the most intelligent species who tend to steal the bell with their ears covered like their genetically equivalent Japanese brothers.1962 was biggest mistake Nehru had done(among his long list of u know which type of mistakes....)If we dont stop these people now, these guys would end up claiming Mumbai just for the sake of it.... and rename it aplty MAOBAI...

  4. Comedy in Tragedy...
    I loved the way you write. As I have done my schooling from Arunachal Pradesh and my father still being posted there, I find the whole China issue of deep concern although it is seen as just a blame game and a media-hyped subject. The region needs development very badly now because the way the Chinese are trying to force open the border it is of great irony that the Indian government might not realise when the Chinese took over squares of land all together.
    The government should act now or it might be very late as one thing is for sure that another 1962 won't be happening. They will just silently attack....

  5. I really hope Jayanta taht we arnt caught sleeping this time.....
    Thanks 4 stoppin bi Jayanta :)

  6. you have written a serious issue laced with humour.I dont know how long India will remain calm against her territorial claims made by China.India does not have to be soft.She should not let go off the respect she commands.

    Nice post