Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Balkan state of India

Does more of state ensure development or more states lead to progress? A vehment demand for a seperate state of Telangana has cropped up in India and not for the first time since it was formally formed.

Our ambitious plans to become an economic superpower when the whole world is set to become one and show our might by shedding the ignominious tag of 'developing' country cannot see the light of day unless we set our house in order first.

The word 'seperate' has caught the fancy of all Indians alike. Maybe its time we realise we all are the same in being uniquely different. If every cultural identity, language and ethnic distinction warrants a state, there would be more states in India than the millions in Koda's bank account(this does not necessarily mean the rest of the politicians are God sent). This is all the more true in a country like ours where all these factors change in no more than 100 mts. But sadly, 'India' and its unity and a pride in being born here never finds mention in any of the vociforous demonstrations.

With the demand for a seperate state of Telangana causing tectonic shifts, the head that wears the crown of thorns has a real problem in his hand now and ignoring such a call is sure to spell the political doom of the powers to be. How is that for chossing the lesser of two evils?
And it is but a perfectly natural as human beings to cash in on every act of benevolence that is bestowed upon mankind. A circle of high intelligent men with immense capacity for thought are now demanding Andhra Pradesh itself be divided in 3s tates and Hyderabad be declared a union territory. Has Make hay when the sun shines ever been more true?

We proclaim 'unity in diversity' as an exclusive attribute of our country. We pride in being united inspite of the difference that seemingly divide us. Probably no country has ever seen more programmes on national integration. In this mellee of redrawing the state borders and more demanded from 5th class students in memorising the states and their capitals, where is 'India'?. The sad demise of Potti Sreeramulu and consequently Andhra Pradesh being granted the status of a state in India has set a dangerous precedent. Maybe a wrong message was sent. One can always have their way if one has the right muscle and the and the will and patience to fast oneself unto death for a cause, however ludicrious it might sound.The government in matters of grave importance needs to lead public opinion than trail its least common denominator.

Regionalism poses a potential threat to national integration and its time to stem the rot before it threatens to hinder our foray into the world, lest it sees us as tribal and primitive in our demands and be able to compete with the highly modernised on an equal footing.

'Balkanisation' seems a passe now. The number of times people of India have shown an intent to divide and divide further,Indianisation seems more suited to fit the the expression.


  1. Sad but true!!! I am tempted to quote this famous line from Chak De India:
    " Mujhe states ke naam na dikhai dete hai na sunai dete hai
    sirf ek mulk ka naam sunai deta hai..INDIA"
    ...If only all people start thinking like this!!!

  2. Good and very thought provoking article.Frankly i am in favor of small states. they are better governed. but what is happening in Hyderabad is a farce. all parties playing politics at their lowliest.

  3. Hey Sudhir
    Thanks for stopping by :)
    But I personally disagree to it..
    A state must be such that it generates enough revenue to sustain itself, else this gimmicry would drill a larger hole in the empty pockets of the central government..
    what do u think?