Sunday, December 27, 2009

Of reflections and predictions

The last week of December invariably brings with it the indefatigable urge to reflect on the glorious past and predict the uncertain future. To add to the bursting excitement, this year is the turn of the decade too. 10 years of glory or the lack of it finds acres of space in televison, newspapers and every inch of space that can find an interested audience. It is that time of the year when no one is in the 'present'. It is either pondering over the past or predicting the future.

The past is a shrewd teacher, for nothing is better understood than something learnt the hard way. What better teacher than experience itself! The month of December is more blessed in this regard than its lesser endowed cousins for this is the time generally devoted to reflection, ponderings and deep contemplation. The act of contempaltion if taken up with the right rigour and more often could probably end up being more beneficial. Events of relevance crop up according to their chronological order by the month. News reports dusted, dumped and fading into the oblivion suddenly get leverage unforeseen till after sometime after they made 'sensational' headlines. As the decade draws to an end there are questions of the events, personalities, places that had a significant impact. Is Phelps a better swimmer or Bolt a better Olympian? Should Zidane have head-butted Matterazzi or let his inflamed sentiments dour for his nation? And everyone has an opinion of renewed vigour on every inanity.
The greatest achievemnet for the year undoubtedly must be the Copenhagen summit. The initiative to bring the entierity of mankind in unison against a common evil ought to deserve an appauld. The proceedings of the meet though left a lot to be desired but there still recides a hope to see us being polarised in the right manner purposefully different from petty partisan leanings.

They say thinking about the future cannot change your past, it can only ruin your present. But when we are blessed to share an era with the greatest numerologistis, its nothing short of a crime to let the opportunity go by to have a 'glance in advance'. Most are busy deciphering what 2010 adds up to and what it has in store for the bebefit of each one of us, of course for a paltry price. The stars are about to change and are to take an entirely new course, only a fool would ignore the celestial call and to his own peril. If you are thinking its just the last column changing when you write a date, you are just blissfully ignorant of the signaficance of an auspicious ocurring. The Chinese with their calendar would vouch for it.
New year resolutions is one the greatest display of grit and determination that December witnesses. Unfotunately the novelty for most does not stand the test of time and 2nd jan sees a meek surrender of the resolute many. It is really painful when you have to wait for 364 more days to decide on what to take up next, resolutely. Just how long the new year be able to sustain its newness is remained to be seen.

But the best thing about the 'new' year is undoubtedly the reason it gives to party and rejoice! Faced with the plethora of problems that surround us in the growing complexity of life, the occasions are fast fading and the new year's eve gives it a fresh lease of life. Nothing gives more pleasure than to drink and dance away in the night and usher a change with a belief of having put up a year long's industrious efforts. It is earned afterall. This year due to an astonomical phenomena the eve is a 'blue' moon night. The sky has decided its time to conjure a blue moon on new year's eve. Partying and making merry once in a blue moon certainly does not harm anyone.

The 'new' year does have an aura with it that makes us all do the same. It is time to bid the now stale 2009 adieu and welcome the now new 2010 in the best way we possibly can. Drink, dance and making merry. Thats the best way to usher in something new than be involved in anything bland to the refined tastes.

Happy new year :)


  1. Its surprizing to know that there is somebody (our great astrologer(s)), who has never met you earlier, does not know your name, never seen you before, not spent more than a couple of hours with you, does know which movie you like or what your favourite food is....Makes me wonder if they have ever tried predicting their own future!!...
    Happy new year :)

  2. Thanks a lot Yashwant :)
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  3. nice post shashank,especially your views about the news channels that keep discussing events of importance.but this time they have gone further and are discussing about events of importance of the entire decade.

  4. hey bro..
    this one indeed takes the cake for the best post in ur blog..i loved the language and expressions used..
    u r so true..we just need to look past ruminations..
    carry on bro...cheers..!

  5. Brilliant post Shashank. For me this year no party. Hyderabad is agitating for a seperate telangana state. But somehow the quality of tv has gone down. ditto for the newspapers. i used to look forward to the year end newspapers. alas no more.!

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    Thanks bro. I hope you've read them all. :)
    Its sad that such violience is being retorted to. A very good decision on you part(y). I hope it ends soon.
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