Tuesday, January 12, 2010


For all those who thought HD Deve Gowda is a dour and rather boring statesman considering what he has done when he was the Prime Minister of India, he showcased his resplendent side when asked for insights on what he was protesting against, a week ago.

Reporter: Good morning sir
HD: Yeddyurappa is a #$%%^$#

Reporter: Sir, what are you here for?
HD: Yeddyurappa $%#$%%*@

Reporter: What a pleasant morning sir!
HD: $%#$%%*@ Yeddyurappa

The colourful ex-PM could hardly keep his emotions in check that fateful day. The farmers whom he was protesting with against farm land being acquired for industry and infrastructure purposes., must have been pleasantly surprised with his command over the language. His son, another ex (CM) quickly got into damage-control mode and came up with the freshest alibi "he was misquoted". And so the reporters went back to quote him correctly.
So many 'Exs' in the family is sure to drive the 'head' crazy.

Reporter: Sir do you think you were misquoted?
HD: Yeddyurappa $%#$%%*@

Reporter: This was how it was quoted.
HD: you are a $%#$%%*@
.....and it continues.

The apologies later notwithstanding, the expressions itself are sure to make a lasting impression about the ex-PM. It remains to be seen now how Mr. HD is able to redeem himself from washing his linen in full view of the public.
Tongue- lashing is acceptable so long as one can come up with "I was misquoted. I am extremely sorry if my words have hurt anybody's sentiments. It was unintentional". HD's dreadful outburst is probably a result of the rug slipping much before its due date when he was the PM(not even a year). The poor man deserves empathy if anything for only he knows what has resided inside him for the last 13 years. The world got a glimpse of the larva moulded in Kannada that fateful day.

Shashi Tharoor has set a precedent for everyone vulnerable to such public mockery. 'I never said it, I am being quoted out of context, how can the press be so irresponsible?and the best is 'It as an attempt to vilify me by my detractors' one more suited to HD than Tharoor.
HD TV is full of life if one has the appetite for the right humour because Deve Gowda is just as exciting even when he is asleep(during swearing in, that is).

HD's dimwittedness is actually a ray of hope for everyone who thinks showing one's prowess in 'creating' profanities is a sheer waste of time. Who knows the next PM could well be the one whose battering abusals at you right now for being rubbed the wrong way.


  1. I have watched TV that Day and I think Our ex PM has done a shamless job that day...

  2. I completely agree Vijay.
    How insane of him to foul mouth in view of the entire country..
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. hey nice one... i must admit i knew very little about it and aftr reading ur post i got to know a lot..!!
    and you got a follower, with my following you now have a perfect 20..