Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maila sur

26th January 1950 as is widely all known marked the birth if the Republic of india. It was this day that the constitution of India, the highest document that dictates the law of our country, was adopted.

This is not about the Constitution nor is it about how blatantly it is abused even today. It happens to be the day when the magic of 'Mile sur mera tumhara' was tried to be recreated. 15th August 1988 was the day when a song was introduced to the Indian people that caught the attention across the country. The sheer passion and spirit of integration that the song was invoked, brought the whole nation together in unbridled awe of a great compilation. Nearly 24 years later the song upholds its admiration with the people of this country.

Come 26th Jan 2010, when the Republic Of India crossed the 60-year mark, hell broke loose when today's 'Artists' felt they would do better justice to the song. They were ready with a similar composition on identical lines trying to better its preceder. 'Phir Mile Sur' is a brave effort. The mere thought of gigantic task had the nation looking at askance for what was on offer. But alas! It did not sound more melodious than a hundred farting asses move donkeys braying and even more bellies burping.

The holy gospel of history cannot be recreated did not quite reach the producers of this wayward act. The participants of this sham are blessed and have brought laurels and recognition to the nation but why waste it on something that has etched in public memory as rightly said not less than an anthem.

Singling out individual performances of this rot would mean the others have done commendable job. Amitabh Bachchan's voice when limited to "hi this is Radio Mirchi... keep listening to it." sounds good not for something as gloriously significant as this song. Most found it to be just the right platform to introduce their young ones to the world gifting them a slice of history, which alas does not seem possible.

The pounding continues of 15 long minutes with all possible music genres. A bit of hip-hop here, a rap there and one mix for dandiya nights too. And the sporting heroes get a fleeting glimpse while the likes of Shankar Mahadevan and Sonu Nigam who rarely get to face the camera trade their acting skills for what seems like hours.

The song is worth watching only for Anouskha Shankar and she can play with the sitar too :) About the rest, the less said the better. 'Phir Mile Sur' almost makes one wish if this is what the fate of the original would be 22 years later, it better not have been made.

P.S Thanks Tushar for helping me out.


  1. Maila Sur could have been one note better without the amir khan's 'kya bolti tu' style...overall a super flop show....

  2. i agree with you Shashank

    Old is gold

  3. Well and truly said!! Its no where near the original!!

    Awesome article dude!!

  4. well..nufin better than the original...nothin to beat it..bang on!

  5. @ Madhu
    Thank you for stopping by. Do keep visiting. :)

  6. @ Cheete
    Is gaane me jarur kuch gadbad hai....

    @ naturez
    Thank you sir :)

    @ Nagendra
    Thanks a ton. I am glad you liked it...

    not only is it worse than the original, it seems wretched by any standards.

  7. Rightly said Shashank!! The original is the best. I had not heard the remix until i read your blog. Its unbearable to see Amitabh Bacchan beginning the song with his unmelodious voice. It does not showcase the intergration and diversity of our nation atall. The only thing i felt after hearing the complete song is that it should be banned!

  8. @ anonymous

    Actually the song has done quite a bit for integration..
    The whole country is inflamed in unison against the unabashed mockery....

    Thanks for stopping :)

  9. very well said..wonderful post... and thanks for visiting my blog.. :)

  10. Music : Massive mess...
    Visual : Missed the basic essence...
    Parity between lyrics n video : Zero (for which audio visual is a chief tool of communication -- the PARITY) :)
    its a national joke...
    Shashank thanks n lets laugh out really loud HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA...

  11. i totally agree..!!
    though i hav jus seen fleeting glimpses of the new one ... bt still the old one is so etched onto our minds that its impossible to replace it wid anything

  12. @Ray
    Thank you sir :). A sham to sum it up
    Thank whoever convinced you to have just a fleeting glimpse of the farce:)