Monday, August 24, 2009

The Metrosexual is in.....

The fairer sex has some stiff competition now from the gentlemanly clan.
Women now have more to complain with the tougher 'sex' too putting in their hat in the race to being beautiful and delicate...
The quest for the 'empty' pulchritude is no longer a sinful indulgence for 'the man' but a virtue for the ubermetro kind.
Men having facials,mascara, skin clearing, pedicure is not a youthful frivility of the rich few but a means to a 'beautful' end to every man.
The rugged macho look is a passe now ....
"sheee baba thats how watchmen and 'majdoor' kind look!!!!"
The suave, svelte and beautiful look has caught the fancy of men world over today.
The lasso slinging cowboy is out....
The Fair and Handsome clinging metrosexual man is now the new alfa male.
David Becham is the new demi God whom men wish to fashion themselves according.
A 'path breaking' advertisement of a fairness cream says it all about the changing times..
A guy walks along with the product nicely applied over his face and PYTs run after him calling out "Hi handsome Hello handsome!!!"
And if this wasnt proof enough,try watching the ad where a 30-something man's inner voice calls out to him when tries to cut out some grey hair saying "ek ek safed baal na chhato ab hair dye ka packet kaato".
A mehendi top or a jet black dye to hide your grey end is much cooler than letting the world know on your true age....
A fixation for the 'white' is no longer a teenaged boy wanting some 'adult' dana dan action from the west, but what a man a few years maturer than him wants his skin colour to be...

The conservatives can cry themselves hoarse but this is the stark truth. The final nail in the wranglers coffin has been placed...

Dirty Harry RIP.... :(
David Becham-- a hola!!!


  1. well its hard to differentiate... Metro or Retro man does only 1 job assigned from time immemorial; Production (in marxian terms or biological).. it hardly matters if he maintains or beautifies himself coz thats really not the point.. Cheers.

  2. on second thought it must be a ploy to create a false consciousness of Gender equality.. Now except the biological differences in organs every body looks the same.. Brows, lips, size zero, tight butts..

  3. and its easy to fall prey to this stupendous illusion which in itself is a mockery of the basic traits that differentiates a man and a woman...
    'Delicate' and 'dainty' suit the fairer sex more than their human counterparts...

  4. But the real question is do we girls like the new look? I'm afraid not.

    P.S. Thanks for visiting :)