Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One flu over the swine's nest

The animals in the 'swinerus' a distant planet in the even farther silky way galaxy are celebrating to no end with the news of pandemic break of a deadly disease on earth. The say the humans are finally paying the price for using their race as a swear word in their language.

The mass hysteria this disease has created engulfing almost the entire earth has finally made its presence felt in a tiny country, India

It's honourable heath minister has already allayed all fears about the precarious state of affairs by seeking the best time to fufil his deep desire to proclaim a profecy. He says 33% of Indians will get affectd by the next 2 years..Why worry about contracting the flu then?Let 1 in 3 become 3 in 3 and then we will head towards a solution.Until then he's content with shooting his mouth off at the kin of the deceased and then asking for a quick apology.

People all over are donning an accesory that makes them look more like species from swinerus than humans(the most degrading form of abusal there).The 'mask' has come to replace the dreaded 'trishul' of Ramsey brothers that had profane spirits run for their 'lives'.
"Mere paas ma(sk) hai,keede!!!!"....and the inhabitants of the far planet are making merry that they finally have made humans look like them.

But the swines are not entirely happy cause they know their happiness is but short-lived.Their early morning 'mega meal' celebrtations cannot go on forever..The 'Earth sewage department' is already complainig of a shortage of supply and the captain of the spaceship which was to supply them with their festive meal at a discounted rate is also scared of travelling now...
So the head council of 'Swinerus Health and Sanity Dept' has decided to take it easy now and before too long, earth is to be set free of 'Swine Flu'


  1. It reinforces the saying 'what goes by comes around'.. men made SWINE a derogatory term now its payback time... it shall be the fright inducing, spine chilling word it was destined to be. PS-'Swinerus Health and Sanity Dept'- whata pun :)

  2. fright inducing, spine chilling and blood curling :)