Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tyson Gay :(

It's hard not pity the talismanic sprinter who turned out to be the 'best man' to his more celebrated competitor after his show at the world 's in Berlin .After sprinting his ass off in those 100m the way he'd never run before and probably never will either,his pace was outdone by the jolt called Usain BOLT..and just like the other gays in India, Tyson was treated like a secondary citizen...No matter how hard he tries now he isnt genetically coded to do the act(beating Bolt) a fate that is shared by his namesakes in India who found relief with 377 being repealed and the unnatural act being decriminilised
The more said about the jolt from Jamaica the less it seems....But one thing couldnt have missed anybodys notice was the way Bolt was preparing for the disaster that was to befall Gay
"I am gonna do, I am gonna do it" was all he said with a wide grin with a full view of his jaundicized dentures...Guess Gay did let him go ahead because neither he nor the other 6 could bear the odour of plaque that he carried along with him across the finish line....
9.4sec he says he can run 100m in.Thats astounding, considering that superathletes like Sehwag and Sachin take twice that time to complete half the distance.
But its a pleasure to watch Usain Bolt hacking off records after records of his own creation...
And he might well come to India for the commonwealth games...Our own national champion is training hard for the mother of all battles .
Imagine Usain Bolt VS Anil Kumar...
Cant get better than this...
But Kumar insists he wont run unless Bolt is asked to come back from the finish line to where they had started before our champion finishes his 100 or he's given a head of atleast 50 m....
We have to give him a chance....
cant expexct him to be the next Gay, after all, the games are in India..


  1. The fastest human on earth has his name "bolt".....surprisingly perfect ;)

  2. Good one shashank.
    btw bolt has confirmed he's coming to India.

  3. Well composed :) 'jaundiced denture', interesting analogies with our own superatheletes on the one hand and gays on the other. would arrival of BOLT in India be of any consequence to our very own indian GAYS. Is it a part of the greater plan, r v missing the larger picture???