Thursday, November 26, 2009

Are we really safe?

The high end socialites of Mumbai's night life, the Page 3 regulars, have a new pastime when they decide to take some invaluable time off partying- taking a dig at the government machinery on prime time TV news channels and chatter away to glory. They should seriously consider struting their new jewellery and designer clothes at a place more appropriate for such amusement.

The self proclaimed champions of citizens across the city have taken upon themselves the sceptre of responsiblity to 'bring to book' the functionaries of the government being the aware and concerned citizen that they are. This has reached such threatening levels that it has become a potential danger to switch on the TV prime time.

26/11 is indeed a dark day in Indian history. It was a collective failure and a shame on the entire country. The gory episode of carnage which could have been avoided, resulted in damage that has caused irrepairable loss to those who happened to be in the line of fire that fateful night.

JFK once famously said "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". The need of the hour is not blaming the entire government for the misfortune that our country had to endure but to ask what we can do as the real aware and concerned citizens of India and bellowing "I no longer feel safe in this country, change the government" is certainly not one of them.

It is time now for a new hope and responsiblity to dawn upon each one of us citizens than despair and accusal finding permanace. The functionaries of the state require an unflinching support of the real citizens not the ones who had decided not to have their next kitty party at the Taj for fear of another attack.It would be foolish enough to be led by the belief that the officials themselves are not as affected by the horrific turn of events a year ago. Being in the face of public fury they have to endure even more.

Our objective should be to grease the wheels that set our country into motion not to stall it on its way ahead. We have to be the participant citizenry not one who croones, cringes and complains at the slighest hint of inconvenience caused due to the supposed blatant 'ineptitude' of our government. The ones who complain of government inaction invariable are the first who start whining when governmental action seems meddlesome.

Let us acept that our government is no better than our own commitments to the ideals set by our founding fathers, the ones even we wish to live by. We, while amassing wealth bending every law in the rule book and in times of grave catastrophy keeping alive the 'spirit' of our country while cursing the polity for its lack of responsibility are not setting the correct example nor helping our cause.

Are we really safe??
But first we need ask whether we are doing anything substantial in this endeavour which is OUR prerogative before we start asking questions. A little more active, alert and aware citizens can go a long way to ensure that another Mumbai 26/11 does not occur and the fashion bees remain where they are best suited.


  1. Too Good...
    We are a part of the machinery, so it is pretty much a reflection of how well are we playing our role...

  2. Excellent post...One of the best I've read so far...

  3. Bravo!!!!
    Its a wierd assumption that State is solely responsible of OUR protection because WE are too engaged in our busy lives in this fast-paced world. They do not understand the fact that the most potent agency of the state is the human agency i.e an aware and vigilant citizen. There has been enough of spoon feeding (baby sitting), now its time to grow up, stang tall and shoulder responsibility...

  4. well written...i agree to the point that blaming the govt for what is not bein safe is pretty lame.What are we doing?? there is something called self defence too...we cant expect govt to appoint personal body gurads for every menace happening around..its time we learn to take care of ourselves!!

  5. Thank you Madhu.
    It would indeed be unrealistic and a mockery to even think so...

    @ RAY
    thank u sir :)

  6. good post
    if we will not vote why they will work.
    we vote 40% so do we got any right to blame to the government.

  7. right said sm...
    we'd lost a golden opportunity to voice our displeasure on the incumbetent.

  8. Good one man... very well expressed... Totally agree with you on the point that such theatrics of the page3 regulars is best suited for them on the useless page3 itself..