Sunday, November 1, 2009

Not without my Baba..

The state of Mahashtra has found the surest way around the political skirmish that has come to dictate the order of the day at the Mantralaya. With the formation of the ministry not being as smooth nor as sweet as victory itself, our beloved CM has placed himself in Satya Sai baba's feet to seek to have a peaceful and trouble-free tenure as the big boss of Maharashtra..

Our able CM knows that with tugs at each leg of the 'chair' Baba's blessing is just what he needs to keep the other firebrand perpetrators at bay from the coveted prize.

The Madam in Delhi's blessing was enough assert his candidature to the top spot in the state but to ensure that it endures the test of time and the ire and displeasure of the allies in arms of the 'strongly' bonded coalition, our wise CM knows 'ab inhe diva ki nai dua ki zarurat padegi' and who beter to offer it than the celestial middleman himself who pulls of tricks that petty streets magicians find it hard to make ends meet with.

India TV for once did a commendable act to show the world a bit bit coverage in its trademark style of ultra slow motion and enlarged pictures of his hands and the dramatic anchor shouting himself hoarse with "Ye dekhiye unko dahina haat, ab ye dekhiye unka baya haat" for 3 pleasingly long hours on how babaji managed to conjure a shiv ling out of nowhere to the amazement of millions who stood in awe of this angelic powers..

His political rivals though cautious, hit the nail bang on the head.."Ye unka vyaktigat mamla hai,unhe aisa nai karna chaiye tha" went Sanjay Raut when our champion CM hosted the divine Baba to 'purify' his official residence,Varsha..

Baba's holy discourse in Mumbai wasn't without its share of celebrated 'bhakt' list. A chief Justice of the Bombay High court among a few other judges, the very famous Sonu Nigam who could not believe his luck when Baba himself handed out a much coveted ring to him.

The man with a mane that could give any hairdresser his worst nightmare, Satya Sai baba managed to spin a web which is not just restricted to 'the spiritual' land but the highly 'rationalised' west has fallen prey to it as well, though not a remarkable presence but worth notice. With TV cameras following evry inch of your movement, it becomes increasingly difficult to carry on with petty con to 'lead' people to believe in your 'celestial' powers but when a person who represents 10 crore of the people of our land and which boasts of the economic capital of the country of which secularism is an integral aspect, permits himself to such mockery in the public eye what can one expect but ridicule in the face of the world.They say count your blessings not your troubles, and thankfully our Prime Minister does not retort to 'baba'dom to allay his worse fears of an even bigger coalition.


  1. Shashank, very well written. i too never understood the spell these babas have on our politicians. sad commentary on the state's affairs indeed.
    but a very readable post.

  2. Hey dude This is a excellent and different post

  3. Shashank , Nice 1 , however i thing it could have been more ....wannnaa read more :-)

  4. hey thanx man..
    will surely try 2 comply the nest time arnd :)

  5. Kal Chandraswami, aaj Sathya Sai Baba, kal koi aur.....When will this ever end??

  6. "Not without my baba"... Great.. Religious and spiritual beliefs do lie in the personal realm they say, but still i would like to ask a question :) i have seen people who were rational to start with getting inclined towards these agents of religion; Mystiques, with age.. Why so, Shashank? do they cease to believe in quality hardwork after ol these years of working hard due to lack of incentives and appropriate rewards or evryone of us has a predisposition to take it easy and blame it on luck or some supreme extra-universal, supernatural power.. Does anything explain this movement from rationality to irrationality.. I agree people want peace of mind, stress reduction blah blah, but this still doesnot reinforce the idea of seeking help from a middleman LOGICALLY.. This is illusive isnt it??

  7. The question is very apt and i do wish to state my point of view too sir though you have answered it way beyond doubt:)
    The 'shift to irrationality' as I see it is a resultant of a failure in hitting it big time 'instantly' in any or all our endeavours..
    The lack of the virtue of patience has led us to turn to 'powers' which we can neither hear, see smell, taste or the sundry but have a staunch belief in.
    A faith in the 'not-so-obvious' is supposedly what is missing in our foray towards 'the GOAL'..

  8. Your post was well written..the only thing still remains from my end is that i don't have the taste nor the belief...u can correct me if i am wrong,but then again,i guess we should take responsibility towards every action of ours rather than just naming super natural powers and outside influences.Thanks for dropping by my blog..:)

  9. never gave it a thought before.. now i will!! nice post...

  10. HEY Shashank.
    nice one bro..a good insight into a fact, we often neglect..keep writing bro...u have one more follower now..
    thanks for the lovely comment in my blog..will look forward to more such..:)

  11. Thnx 4 stoppin by Rishi and Prithwish..
    I'll surely try to improve on this :)

  12. Nice article Shashu!! Never thought in deep before..