Sunday, November 8, 2009



The Americans have come to realise (the hard way though) that the danger to their supremacy does not just lie lurking behind the bush yelling "khabeez ka bachcha" but also the one draped in the olive green uniform dutifully crying "aye aye sir!!!"..

The story of Major Hasan who went on a shooting spree killing 13 at the Texas military base, Fort Hood is intriguing to say the least. What is yet to be ascertained is the turn of events the night before with Maj. Hasan. Speculations are rife that he happened to catch a glimpse of Neil Nitin Mukesh and his 'bare' act in 'Jail'. So far so good. But when he heard that Neil had no qualms in 'baring' it all on-screen while on the contrary is looking forward to more of such 'meaty' roles, Major Nidal Hasan was beyond elementary counselling and went into such a severe traumatic stress that it undid all the good he'd done in this world.

There are certain positives though that could be drawn out of the dreadful incident in Texas, one of them being, American now has an immaculate indigenous training grounds for those boarding a military plane to Iraq. What better way to test a soldier's competence than to hand him a gun and test his skills at it..
That it took a wounded woman to shoot him down and end the carnage bears testimony to the fact that women make as good if not better troopers. The incident sheds light on the conditions prevalent in the war-torn country that oozes the the blood of women, children and aged alike.

To think of the troops themselves being in extreme conditions away from home with only gun-wielding folks around is sure to send a shiver in anybody's spine and drive anyone out of his mind and retort to such means as Maj. Nidal Hasan did as a means of protest.
It is remarkable that the 'hatela' man was a psychiatrist trained to help returning officers help cope with post traumatic stress. Just how could the US army have enlisted the services of a 'mad' man as a psychiatrist beats common reason. Or is it that he's seen so much poured out to him that he himself started getting nightmares. May be he did dread the prospect of going through all that he had heard of, first-hand. Conditions there could even compel a person to stick out a knife to a countryman without considering that he is actually there to help him out...

The Islamists across the world now are wary of are furious back lash while the conservatives are dreadful of another country being annihilated 'to reinstate democracy'.Might is always right..!

The valuable lesson learnt if its not yet understood is, anyone can go 'crazy' when one is asked to defend land which he does not consider 'motherland'. Forget about going there, even the thought of being there to help fellow soldiers could drive even a psychiatrist so insane that he failed to distinguish between one of their own and their much tauted adversaries.


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