Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life beyond google and wikipedia

We live in an era where Google has become synonymous to search and wiki to a storehouse of informatical knowledge
The two powerhouses have come to virtualli cast a web world wide that has everyone looking for information here only.
A virtual monopoly may and to an extent even has led information there, to be the final word on any subject..
But the spate of events taking place today might lead us to conclude that whatever the majority thinks to be right is right irrespective of its authencity.
The question of credibility of information does arise here...Instances of misinformation might be few and far between but considering the number of people 'hooked on' to them to satisfy their urge for knowledge and information,its too mammoth a number not to take notice of...
Afterall it does help to exercise some caution before accepting a final word on any matter and verifying it from others sources doesnt take too much either..
but...This is easier said than done...
Fast food joints have become famous today because of their immaculate ability to provide food of acceptale quality, neat to the palate and available in double quick time....
Is it a reflection the of the form in which we want what we want in any walk of life????
and anyone who does that is a clear winner...

P.S This topic, I was asked to write on was by an incorrigbly fractious young man named Tushar Dalvi :) and I am sure I havent done full justice to what he had intended.


  1. Tushar Dalvi also commonly known as ATUL is one of the rare kinds...
    Although my friend has not been able to do full justice to him, but i'll still say nice try ;)

  2. atul's become more atul after having read this