Monday, July 27, 2009

No Prolame!!

They say when you are neck deep in shit, the best you could do for yourself is to shut your mouth to save at least your taste buds of some grave embarresment.....but there's one mantra that could make all your worries go away as if they never existed at all and help you float your way across that messy quagmire..
Whenever life's demanding too much from you,whenever your troubles seem to get too big for you,try saying "No Prolame" to yourself and'll be surprised with the kind of soothing effect it has on you, the world,the trees, the plants and of course the people around...
To add more tooth to this magic spell, try sayin "No prohlame!!!"The alphabets cant do full justice to the magic of pronounciation but time and practise will only sharpen this potent arsenal to keep all evils at bay.
Try saying this with a release of the sound of soul through the heavenly opening that only gives you early morning pleasure of relief and PRESTO!!!! .....this cry in the wilderness is will be heard in the heavenly infinity and all your prayers will be answered THAT VERY MOMENT!!!!!!
A tried and tested formula and you'll be ignoring this sound advive out of ignorance to your peril....


  1. Yes, It works :)
    Why not write more and encourage people to say "No Prolame" in more ways.