Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oti bhokti n chororo lakshano

India, a land of religion, where faith is believed to heal every ailment, be it the stressful demands of a hectic life or even dreaded diseases like aids(i know of atleast one BABAji who claims to cure it through YOGA) is a goldmine for aspiring spiritual gurus or babajis as they are fondly called.
Need a shoulder to cry on? or a middleman to GOD??A holy man in saffron overalls and spritual music is listening and is ready to offer help...Old bhajans are a passe rock hymns are the order of the day....This comes at a price though...How can you even expect somenone to help you reach GOD do it for free???Isnt roaming around in private choppers closer to heaven than the earth mere mortals are on???That does make them closer to the GODs than us..
SWAMIjis who trots around the town in a saffron dhoti by the day are known to create quite a stir by the unearthly hour..They ask their discilpes to forfeit eathly pleasures in the pursuit of seeking an eternal salvation....Isnt it an irony that some of their elite kind are often seen in high end luxury cars?
Isnt it high time people started realising that no good except an irreparable loss of faith in humankind is the only outcome of such frivolous 'devotion' to people who are no different than you and me only that they are capable of conning a few men with their garb and actions that are exactly opposite to what they preach...

The title's an old odiya sayin brought to my knowledge by a very learned scholar and 'casobaba' who goes by the name Abhijeet Mohapatra.


  1. Last year I had read somewhere that after BPO and IT backoffices, India can be a 'spiritual backoffice' to the world :)

  2. if things continue to be as they are, that day wont be far when we'l be conning the whole world

  3. well i dont mind the idea of conning the whole world. we can seek a little help from these so called, self proclaimed spiritual leaders to create a world wide nexus to generate awesome amount of FOREX; only prerequisite would be to impose heavy taxes on their donations and surrender a fixed portion of the money amassed to the Government of India :)(a small % of which i suppose will be put to gud use).. its the world of CONS, U get LOOTED one way or the other..